At Brain Restoration Clinic, we take time and great care in partnering with our patients and families. We seek to truly and deeply understand the diagnosis in order to develop a comprehensive, customized treatment program that is both safe and effective in restoring the ‘whole health’ of the patient.

Our Mission

To optimize brain function for anyone suffering from neurological challenges to restore hope, enhance wellness, and maximize quality of life.

TeleHealth:  What is it, and how does it work?

Telehealth is a way of providing wellness services and information through electronic technology (telephone or video conferencing).  It is a valuable service for clients who might not otherwise be able to travel to a provider’s office and a convenient option for busy working families.  

Brain Restoration Clinic has offered telehealth services for many years, long before it was a standard service offered by most clinics and facilities. You have the option of doing your telehealth visit over the phone or as a video conference.  Contact our office for more information! 


Neuromodulation is an exciting set of technologies that work by stimulating or ‘modulating’ cells in the brain and other parts of the nervous system and cause natural biological responses to be optimized. Neuromodulation is effective based on the principle of neuroplasticity (the fact that the brain has a modifiable nature which allows it to adapt and change with the right kind of repeated exposures). Neuromodulation technologies can thus enhance (or suppress) activity of the brain and nervous system to optimize different neural networks and hence improve brain and nervous system function.

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Brain Mapping

We use a system called eVox Brain Map that measures brain and heart function using easy to do tasks on the computer. A detailed report is generated using a variety of data (from a brainwave test or EEG, Event-Related Potentials or ERP and electrocardiogram or EKG). Based on this test a specific treatment regimen can be provided that includes different neuromodulation interventions.

Ambulatory (home) EEGs

This is a brainwave test (EEG) where a technologist is dispatched perform an EEG equipment hook up in the comfort of your own home, which is remotely monitored with video. The technologist then returns to take down the equipment at the end of the study duration. The studies are typically 24 to 72-hour duration. This test allows monitoring for seizures, changes in mental status, brain injury and other conditions.

Neurological Evaluation 

Detailed neurological evaluations are provided by our physicians. Follow ups are in person or via phone or video conferencing. Tracking, monitoring, nutrition, GI concerns and support services are offered with the addition of knowledgable clinical team members.

Genetic Evaluation

At BRC we provide a detailed genetic evaluation that includes:

  • Nutrigenomic and nutrigenetic testing (evaluation of the relation between nutrition and the human genes)
  • Pharmacogenetic evaluation (the testing of certain genes to determine how individuals might react to specific medications)
  • Gene SNP analysis (e.g. MTHFR, COMT, DRD2, etc.)
  • Microarray, Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) and Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) that allow us to look at the entire DNA to look for various medical conditions caused by genetic changes

Group Lectures

Periodic group lectures are provided that cover a wide range of topics with a robust question and answer session. These lectures are designed to provide key and updated information regarding available treatment options as well as rational and comprehensive approaches designed to address complex illnesses. These sessions are very informative and bring hope.

Speaking Engagements

To find out more information about having the doctors speak for your event, please call our office at 704-541-9117 or email 


At BRC, we use a variety of tools including:

  • Rational use of pharmaceuticals (that we deem safe based on pharmacogenetic or DNA testing) Click here
  • Nutraceuticals (dietary supplements) including some of our BRC supplements e.g. Total Brain Restoration that supports total brain health and recall ability, provides nutrients that support antioxidant and mitochondrial mechanisms as well as protein and amino acids for neurotransmitter production.
  • Electroceuticals (cutting edge therapeutic agents which act by targeting the neural circuits of organs and modulating them, that is providing neuromodulation)

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