Brain Restoration Ministries

Brain Restoration Ministries is a nonprofit organization created to support research and treatment of patients with neurological challenges. These challenges range from autism spectrum disorder, ADD, Rett Syndrome, Mitochondrial disorder and seizure disorders to name just a few. For patients with any of these conditions, and many others, we realize that the treatments available from mainstream medicine are limited. Our hope and mission at Brain Restoration Ministries is to discover and develop treatments to profoundly help these patients without creating a financial burden. We have a committed professional team including a neurologist, rehabilitation specialist, engineer and pharmacist – all dedicated to the goal of helping patients with neurological difficulties reach their full potential.

tDCS and BRM research

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Empowering Hands for Life

After spending many years as father to two severely disabled sons, Brian Wulf felt a vision of what kind of possibilities could be there to support and empower other fathers to special needs children. He saw a lot of men struggling with discouragement, overwhelmed by the challenges not only to their children but to their marriages and relationships with other people, all while balancing jobs and community responsibilities. How much more could each man accomplish and how much more successful could his efforts be if he had empowering support from other dads who know what this kind of life is like? With that concept in mind, Brian has worked to develop a diverse program of supportive services ranging from financial planning to group interaction to personal coaching as means to help each father fulfill the challenging role handed to him.

PAE Kids

PAE Kids is an all volunteer group of South Carolina parents working together to advocate for access to medical care for children with PANS/PANDAS and other forms of viral/bacterial and post infectious encephalitis. Our mission is to educate, advocate and provide resources to families, educators and practitioners across the state of South Carolina.

At BRC, we use a variety of tools including:

  • Rational use of pharmaceuticals (that we deem safe based on pharmacogenetic or DNA testing) Click here
  • Nutraceuticals (dietary supplements) including some of our BRC supplements e.g. Total Brain Restoration that supports total brain health and recall ability, provides nutrients that support antioxidant and mitochondrial mechanisms as well as protein and amino acids for neurotransmitter production.
  • Electroceuticals (cutting edge therapeutic agents which act by targeting the neural circuits of organs and modulating them, that is providing neuromodulation)

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