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At Brain Restoration Clinic, we take time and great care in partnering with our patients and families. We seek to truly and deeply understand the diagnosis in order to develop a comprehensive, customized treatment program that is both safe and effective in restoring the ‘whole health’ of the patient.

Our Mission

To optimize brain function for anyone suffering from neurological challenges to restore hope, enhance wellness, and maximize quality of life.

Our Core Values

At the Brain Restoration Clinic, our primary focus is on the brain health and well-being of our patients.

As a neurology practice (one that is integrative, wellness and functional medicine-based), we consider the ‘whole health’ of children and adults in our therapeutic approach with the understanding that nutrition, lifestyle and stress impact overall brain function. We are unique in that we combine neurology with nutrition, an integrative approach that is grounded in research and clinical practice. This enables us to better understand, diagnose and treat a multitude of brain-related disorders along with underlying conditions for a more successful patient outcome.

Mission: To optimize brain function for anyone suffering from neurological challenges to restore hope, enhance wellness, and maximize quality of life.


Core Values: The Brain Restoration Clinic core values can be summed up accurately with the acronym: RESTORATION

Regain and Reclaim total health, both brain and body
Empathy and compassionate care
Safe treatments using an integrative and functional medicine approach
Team approach, multidisciplinary and collaborative care
Optimal nutrition (including nutritional neurology)
Respect for and partnership with each of our clients (BRC Members)
Access to all patients desiring exclusive membership to BRC and an extraordinary experience
Thorough and Comprehensive care
Individualized, Customized and Personalized Care
Objective and evidence based medicine with research
Neuromodulation and other innovative treatments

At BRC, we use a variety of tools including:

  • Rational use of pharmaceuticals (that we deem safe based on pharmacogenetic or DNA testing) Click here
  • Nutraceuticals (dietary supplements) including some of our BRC supplements e.g. Total Brain Restoration that supports total brain health and recall ability, provides nutrients that support antioxidant and mitochondrial mechanisms as well as protein and amino acids for neurotransmitter production.
  • Electroceuticals (cutting edge therapeutic agents which act by targeting the neural circuits of organs and modulating them, that is providing neuromodulation)

To better understand the above, see the following links:

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