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Here are the answers to some of the questions you may be having as a new patient. If you can’t find the answer to your question, be sure to contact us!


Here are the answers to some of the questions you may be having as a new patient. If you can’t find the answer to your question, be sure to contact us!

Do you file claims with my health insurance?

We are not contracted with Medicare, Medicaid or any commercial insurance companies and we do not file any claims.  We do provide you with an itemized receipt for any billable services that includes the CPT and ICD-10 codes necessary to file your own claim if you choose to do so.   Please note that not all of the services we offer are billable to insurance.  

Will your doctors be my new primary care physician / primary neurologist?

No. We ask all of our patients to maintain a relationship with a primary care physician and/or primary neurologist. Our physicians have chosen not to practice in a hospital setting, therefore we encourage you to maintain a relationship with a physician who can provide care to you in the hospital if it becomes necessary.

Can I speak to or meet the doctors before I decide to schedule a new patient visit?

Yes!  Give us a call or email to sign up for one of our FREE group presentations.  Like us on Facebook to receive notifications of upcoming group events!

How much is an office visit?

There are three options for becoming a new patient at Brain Restoration Clinic.  The option you choose will determine the price of your new patient visit.  See below for details on the “New Patient Options”.   

What to Expect

New patient visits are typically scheduled for one hour, but you can request an appointment for 90-minutes or 2-hours if you feel that it is needed.  During the new patient visit, you will see both physicians, who will introduce themselves, explain the unique approach offered at Brain Restoration Clinic, gather the patient’s medical and family history, do an exam and order any labs and/or other tests they feel are appropriate. 

Lab results will come in at different times (blood work usually takes 3-7 days, but genetics can take 8-10 weeks), therefore the doctors will probably recommend that you schedule a brief 30-minute follow-up appointment in 3-6 weeks (to go over the results that are back at that time) in addition to a 1-hour follow-up in three months (to go over the genetic results). These follow-up visits can be done face-to-face, over the phone or via GoToMeeting on the computer. 

New Patient Options:
Prior to scheduling an appointment, we will need you to do the following:  

  • Complete and return the New Patient Consent Forms
  • Once we create a chart, you will receive an email that contains a link allowing you to create a password for the patient portal.  This link is only good for 48-hours, so please do this right away! 
  • Once you are in the patient portal, you will click on “Questionnaires” and scroll down until you see the pediatric and adult questionnaires.  Complete and submit the appropriate questionnaire (based on the patient’s age) at least 48-hours prior to the new patient visit. 
  • Any medical records that our physicians need to review should be uploaded through the patient portal at least 48-hours prior to the new patient visit by clicking on “Labs & Documents” and scrolling down until you see the “Upload New Document” button.  

Below are the various options for scheduling your new patient visit.

Option A:  You can schedule the next available one-hour appointment at a cost of $650.00.  Going forward, appointments will be billed according to the following fee schedule:

30-minutes = $350.00
1-hour = $650.00
90-minutes = $750.00
2-hours = $900.00

Option B:  If you choose to attend one of our free group presentations before your new patient visit, you will receive a voucher good for a discounted visit!  The one-hour new patient visit will be $500.00 (instead of $650.00).  

This voucher is only valid for 90 days from the date issued, and can only be used once, however, you will have the opportunity to earn additional vouchers by attending future BRASG meetings.  

If you choose to attend additional BRASG meetings, you have the opportunity to earn vouchers that will bring the price of a 30-minute follow-up down to $250.00 (instead of $350.00) or a one-hour follow-up down to $500.00 (instead of $650.00).    

Introductory Package: If you are unable to attend one of our group presentations, but you want to take advantage of the discounted visit in option B, you can purchase an introductory package prior to or during your new patient visit. What this package includes may vary from patient to patient, but will save you a MINIMUM of $500 and include AT LEAST your new patient visit and two follow-up visits.  This package will be customized for you at the time of your visit and we will explain it to you at checkout.   

Once this package is used, your fees will return to the regular rate, however, you are always welcome to attend any of our BRASG meetings to earn a discount voucher!   

This package must be purchased at the time of your new patient visit.  This offer will not be extended after the new patient visit has taken place.     

        1-hr New Patient Visit – $500 instead of $650
        30-minute Review of Findings Visit (3-6 weeks after your new patient visit) – $250 instead of $350
        1-hr Follow-up Visit (2-3 months after your new patient visit) – $500 instead of $650
        15-minute Phone Consult (any time in the first six months) – FREE ($100 value)
        Health Coaching Introductory Package (any time in the first six months) – $650 instead of $700

Once this package is used, your fees will return to the regular rate, however, you are always welcome to attend any of our BRASG meetings to earn a discount voucher!  

Rules & Limitations on Discount Vouchers: 

*  Discount vouchers are only valid for 90 days from the date they are issued.
*  Only one voucher will be given per person attending the BRASG meeting.  (If there are multiple patients in one family, then more than one person will need to attend the meeting in order to earn more than one voucher).
*   You must sign in prior to the BRASG meeting, specify the patient that the voucher will be used for, and you must attend the entire meeting in order to earn a discount voucher.
*   Vouchers are non-transferable and have no cash value.
*   Vouchers cannot be copied or duplicated in any manner.
*   A valid discount voucher must be presented at the time of the appointment for the discount to be applied.  They will not be made retroactive and no refunds will be issued.
*   Vouchers cannot be combined with any other discount. 


Brain Restoration Clinic does not participate in any commercial insurance plans, Medicare or Medicaid.  However, if you have commercial insurance (Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Aetna, etc.) you may be able to file your own out-of-network claim for reimbursement of the services you have paid for at Brain Restoration Clinic!  If you have Medicare or Medicaid as your primary insurance, you will not be eligible for any reimbursement as they only reimburse for in-network providers.  

What to ask your insurance company: 

If you want to be proactive and find out what you may expect when filing an out-of-network claim, you can begin by calling the phone number on the back of your insurance card.  Be sure to ask the following questions: 

  • What are my out-of-network benefits? 
  • Do I have an out-of-network deductible, and if so, is it separate from my in-network deductible?
  • How much of my out-of-network deductible has been met so far this calendar year?
  • How do I submit a claim for reimbursement (is there a special form I need to fill out)? 

How to file your out-of-network claim: 

Your insurance company may have a specific form they require you to fill out in order to submit your own claim for reimbursement.  Either the insurance company or your human resources department can supply this form to you.  They will need the following information (all of which can be found on your itemized “insurance invoice” that we provide to you once you have paid for your service at BRC): 

  • Date of service
  • Provider name, address and NPI #
  • Provider Tax ID #
  • CPT (procedure) code(s) and description of service
  • ICD-10 (diagnosis) code(s)

Depending on your specific plan, they may also require a copy of your itemized receipt and/or office notes from the date of service you are filing for.  

Claims submitted by a laboratory:  

If our physicians order lab tests that are billable to insurance, the laboratory that processes the test(s) will submit the claim on your behalf.  We at BRC do not have access to this claim information, therefore, any questions you have about how these claims are processed should be directed to the laboratory.   Likewise, if you want to find out what your out-of-pocket costs may be before submitting a specimen, you can call the laboratory directly.

At BRC, we use a variety of tools including:

  • Rational use of pharmaceuticals (that we deem safe based on pharmacogenetic or DNA testing) Click here
  • Nutraceuticals (dietary supplements) including some of our BRC supplements e.g. Total Brain Restoration that supports total brain health and recall ability, provides nutrients that support antioxidant and mitochondrial mechanisms as well as protein and amino acids for neurotransmitter production.
  • Electroceuticals (cutting edge therapeutic agents which act by targeting the neural circuits of organs and modulating them, that is providing neuromodulation)

To better understand the above, see the following links:

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